Mbabane overview

Mbabane is the capital of Swaziland and its second largest city. Being a commercial hub, the city is the centre for a lot of administrative functions. Founded in the colonial era by the British colonialists after they moved from their base at Manzini, the colonialists found Mbabane more favorable due to its proximity to the hills ensures the city maintains a cool climate.

While Mbabane is a great stopover on your expedition across the country, there are great tourist attractions in the city. There are good hotels with good accommodation, and nice restaurants offering quality services. Although, it is not the largest city in Swaziland, it is quite busy with heavy traffic in the busiest hours.

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Mbabane bridges the gap between the traditional and modern kingdom of Swaziland. Its supermarkets, hotels, and recreational facilities reflect trends in the hospitality business. The adventure Mbabane offers is not solely at the Indingilizi Gallery and Coronation Cycle Park, but also at the famous Mbabane Market which has walls decorated in bright images reflecting the people’s creativity; what with an offering of local handicrafts, fresh fruit and vegetables sold by friendly market mamas. A visit to these spots is highly recommended to fully appreciate the blend that Mbabane has to offer.
  • Hlane Royal National Park


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  • Swaziland’s King Sobhu...

    Parks and Reserves

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  • Swaziland National Museum


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Food and Drinks in Mbabane

Cassava and maize are the two local staple foods of the Swazis which may be made into many forms and cooked in a variety of ways. Such as maize meal which is used to make rich porridge-like dishes commonly known as ‘pap’ eaten accompanied by stew and meat and an assortment of colourful grilled or steamed vegetables. During festivals, lamb stewed in peanut sauce and the famous Gerdara fish stews are often served. In addition, Mbabane parades modern restaurants where foreign delicacies including seafood, can be found. Most hotels, restaurants and bars in Mbabane offer nice selection of beers, spirits and wines. A taste of traditional Swazi beer won’t be a bad idea – but should come with a word of caution attached – ‘Can knock you off!’

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  • Horse Riding

    Horse Riding

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  • Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary

    Mountain Biking

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  • Umhlanga, The Reed Dance


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