Mauritius overview

Mauritius is an island nation situated in the Indian Ocean. It is located in the southeast coast of Africa and forms part of the Mascarene Islands.

It is ranked one of the top most luxurious tourist destinations in the world; think pure indulgence and sheer luxury. Referred to as the tropical paradise on earth, and rightly so; Mauritius is an island filled with unrestrained beauty, crystal warm sea waters, incredible landscape and extensive cuisine from different regions. This picturesque island caters to all the senses – sight, smell, touch and taste.

The island has an overload of activities to partake in, for pure relaxation, take a yacht cruise to one of the smaller islands of the coast line and enjoy a languid life of lazing on the powder white sandy beaches and sipping exotic drinks from glasses with a parasol or decide if you’d like to swim with the dolphins or go whale watching. Other activities to enjoy include visiting the monuments and nature reserves for some eye boggling sights and learning about the cultural diversity of Mauritius and for more heart racing activities. The island offers sea walking, horse back riding excursions, sea kayaking, rock climbing and para-sailing.

Mauritius is definitely the place to visit.

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There is so much to engage your eyes on in this breathtaking island paradise that has become a destination of choice for weddings and honeymoons. Lovely archipelagos with white-sand beaches, serene lakes and attractive waterfalls; gorgeous nature parks and gardens, archeological ruins, museums, temple and so much more. Terres des Sept Couleurs (7 Colored Earth) is a ‘Must See’ as well as the waterfall in Chamarel. Sept Cascades (Tamarin Falls) is one of the most beautiful cataracts in the world. Île aux Cerfs and Île aux Aigrettes are two islands worth visiting. La Vanille Crocodile & Tortoise Park, François Leguat Reserve, Casela Bird Park, Château Labourdonnais, Vallée de Ferney, Domaine du Chasseur, Domaine les Pailles, Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Gardens are interesting places to see. Other sites include Eureka, St. Aubin, Père Laval Shrine, Le Morne Brabant, Mahébourg Museum, Balaclava Ruins, Rochester Falls, Black River Gorges, Dutch Ruins, and so many more. Mauritius demonstrates that old saying: “So much, in so little!”

Food and Drinks in Mauritius

Mauritius does not only delight your eyes, it excites your nostrils and stimulate your taste buds as far as food is concerned. The local menu derives from three continents from where the island’s inhabitants originated. The heritage which they are proud of has emboldened the local chefs to be ingenious with creating delightful dishes from a combination of Chinese, Indian, African and French influences. To savor the best of the culinary offerings, visit a table d’hôte (specialized local restaurant) and excite your senses as you eat your fill. Rice and chapatti are common, and fish and seafood also constitute a part of a good meal. Cakes (gateaux) are common snacks as you discover that the people have sweet tooth. A wide range of cane rum is produced on the island and is quite cheap and makes a good combo when blended with a fizzy drink and ice. Coconut water with a dash of lime and rum on ice is a confirmed favourite. Locally brewed beers are available and really cheaper compared to the imported wines and spirit.

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