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Madagascar is an island nation situated near the Indian Ocean. It is off the coast of southeast Africa and the fourth largest island in the world. 98% of the inhabitants speak the same language called Malagasy. You will discover species of birds unique to the area and it has aboriginal rights to over 90 percent of it’s Fauna, majority of which can’t be found anywhere else, same as flora.

Where else would you find the Lemur, (a prosimian primate)?

It is the location of some spectacular mountains and deep rain forests. Madagascar is a world unto its self ecologically, which is why it is hailed by some as the eighth continent.

There is no shortage of activities In Madagascar, the National Parks is home to a remarkable number of wildlife. The white sandy beaches along the coastline ensure you will have some interesting walks and get a fill of the scenery. Kayaking, deep-sea fishing and wind surfing are some of the activities you can participate in. It is a haven for out door lovers and adventure seekers. It is a land of discovery.

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Fondly referred to as the ‘eight continent’, the island of Madagascar is home to 5% of all known animal and plant species on the earth, especially the lemur and the ancient Avenue of the Baobabs. A visit to this stunning island affords you the unique opportunity to see and get close to tamed variety of Lemurs at the Berenty Reserve. Foxes, fossas, tenrecs, chameleon snakes and other wildlife species can also be seen at the UNESCO-listed Ranomafana National Park, the Parc Ivoloina and the Spiny Forest, among others. Enjoy stunning views of the rainforest, volcanic lakes, waterfalls and wildlife at the Amber Mountain National Park and the Mitsio Archipelago. Don’t leave without experiencing Nosy Be, a marine reserve with exceptional snorkeling, but famous for its variety of sweet-smelling perfumed plants whose lure will certainly leave you gasping for more. Meanwhile, be sure to plan ahead for the annual Whale-Watching Season which holds between July and September. This event attracts thousands of visitors from around the world.
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Food and Drinks in Madagascar

Madagascar offers amazing local cuisine such as the spicy traditional stews like the Romazava (a type of beef stew) and Lasary (colourful chutney made from lemon, mango or papaya). Local drinks to enjoy include Rhum arrangé – a homemade flavoured rum produced with various fruit or spices and available in incredible variety.

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