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Proudly referred to as ‘the pearl of West Africa’, Lomé doubles as Togo’s capital as well as its largest city.

Lomé is situated on the Gulf of Guinea, and it parades an amazing range of its German, Portuguese and British heritage. This includes some colonial buildings and a German cathedral – which sits side-by-side with the city’s colourful traditional markets.

Lomé is pleasant, hospitable and its beachside hotels are perfect for relaxation after a long day exploring the city’s attractions and tourism sites. The city has a good transport system which grants you accessibility to attractions such as the Grand Market, Voodoo Market, and Palais du Congrés. If you have some extra time to spare, you might want to step outside Lomé to explore north-eastern Togo. You’ll be thrilled to find the traditional mud-tower settlements of the Batammariba in the Koutammakou landscape. This major attraction gained a UNESCO World Heritage status in 2004.

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Togo’s capital city, referred to as the ‘Pearl of West Africa’offers some interesting sights worth seeing. The cathedral of Lomé, Cathédrale du Sacré Coeur also referred to as the German Cathedral dates back to 1905 and was built in a Gothic style. Monument de L’Independance, Palais du Congrés (Parliament building) and Musée National are worth seeing. Hôtel du 2 Fevrier is the tallest building in the country – you may even consider staying there. Besides these, the markets in Lomé are really something to see. Check out the Grande Marché, Marché des Féticheurs, as well as Rue des Artisans and Village Artisanal.
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Food and Drinks in Lome

Seafood, meat and poultry are components of a good meal in Lomé, alongside vegetables and peanuts. If you are game for street food, you will find it affordable and plenteous in the city. Aside from the local dishes, you will find Lomé has a couple of places where you can get good continental cuisines. There are several Lebanese, Chinese, German and French restaurants in the city. For drinks, you can try some local stuff like the millet beer called tchakpallo, or deha (palm wine). Sodabe is a grain liquor, like a local bathtub hooch, however exercise caution as its been known to have a knock-down effect. German brew is quite popular too, and most of the hotels, restaurants and clubs have wines and spirits, as well as the more familiar drinks.

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