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Also known as Maramba, Livingstone is regarded as the Adventure capital of Southern Africa and rated as one of the two best adventure destinations in the world, along with Queenstown, New Zealand.

Owing its existence mainly to the famous Victoria Falls (which is shared with neighboring Zimbabwe), Livingstone was founded in 1905 at a safe distance off the boggy banks of Zambezi River. By 1911, the city named after the famous Scottish explorer and missionary, Dr.David Livingstone had become the capital of Northern Rhodesia, as Zambia was then known prior to Independence.

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How do you spell time without “I” and “me”? Why will you go to Livingstone without seeing the Victoria Falls? Most spectacular in July when the Zambezi River is fullest, the Victoria Falls is Livingstone’s outlandish nature’s gift straddled along the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe and if you are lucky, you may see the Lunar Moon there if you visit the Falls during a full moon. The Livingstone museum divided into various sections which captures life in Zambia from both native and colonial perspective is another place to see. Zambezi sunsets are stunning and a cruise on the upper Zambezi is a must on any trip to Livingstone. The city also has 18 hole golf course, completed with clubhouse, proshop, gym and restaurants. You can also visit the Reptile Park and see large crocodiles and snakes. The Railway Museum in Chishimba Falls road holds some nice examples of Zambia’s railway heritage including old steam locomotives and vintage coaches to the tiniest railway memorabilia and old photographs illustrating life in the pioneer days of the town. Add a memento to your holiday by visiting local markets. There are many markets in Livingstone making and selling everything under the sun but a stop at the Maramba market - Livingstone’s biggest market or/and Mukuni Park Curio Market is a not to be missed. You will definitely find yourself a unique Zambian produced craft there.

Food and Drinks in Livingstone

There are a number of hotels, restaurants and bars in Livingstone offering foreign delicacies and drinks, but the signature dish in Livingstone is Nshima, a stiff porridge made from ground maize which is accompanied by dishes of relish made with vegetables and meat or fresh or dried kapenta. Other constituents of local delicacies include insects such as grasshoppers, caterpillars, cicadas and flying ants. Mosi Lager is the drink that best represents this city. For low income earners there is Chibuku, a local opaque beer. It is made from maize and tastes a little like a sour alcoholic milkshake.

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