Lagos overview

How best can one describe West Africa’s largest city? Small but mighty? Expensive but lucrative? Beautiful but over-populated? You name it!

This is Lagos, the city that never sleeps.

With a population of over 20million people domiciled on 3,474 square km expanse of land, this beautiful West African port city has over the years grown to become Nigeria’s industrial and commercial powerhouse.

Proudly tagged ‘CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE’, Lagos is home to Nigerians from every part of the country and foreigners alike, even though the state is essentially Yoruba speaking.

Amazing tourist attractions and relaxation spots that abound in the city include: the imposing National Arts Theatre, the nostalgic Remembrance Arcade; the striking Lekki Conservation Centre; the impressive Lagos Central Mosque; and the historical Badagry Slave Port.

Also check out the city’s exciting beaches, amusement parks, clubs, hotels, shopping malls, cinemas and restaurants. You’ll be glad you did!

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Coming to Nigeria’s ‘Centre of Excellence’ is always an adventure to look forward to. From the therapeutic and picturesque views of the Lagos lagoon to the fresh breeze of the beach fronts, visitors are certain to enjoy the experience of a fast-paced mega city that never sleeps. Exciting attractions to explore in Lagos include the National Museum, the historic town of Badagry, the National Theatre, Kalakuta Museum, Terra Kulture, Lekki Conservation Centre, Whispering Palms, Epe Seafood Market, Eko Atlantic City, and the various beaches such as Ilashe beach, Elegushi beach, Takwa bay, and Bar Beach, among others. Lagos also parades an amazing range of cinemas, supermarkets, malls, markets, hotels as well as nightclubs and bars. Also remember to keep up with the latest events in the city such as the colourful Annual Lagos Carnival, the 31-Day Annual December Lagos Countdown, Lagos Fashion Week, Gidi Culture Festival and a host of concerts, shows and events that keep up the city tempo all year round.

Food and Drinks in Lagos

Lagosians have a taste for good food. From local to intercontinental dishes, you surely won’t be disappointed if you take time to explore the city’s offerings. Check out these delicious combos: Bread and beans, Jollof-rice and chicken, Yam and Egg, Amala and Ewedu, Pounded yam and Egusi, Semovita and Edikaikong, Spaghetti and Plantain and lots more. Remember to also try out the local Boli and Epa (roasted plantain and groundnut) as well as Roasted/Boiled Maize and Coconut. Trust us, you’ll love them. And of course, you’ll definitely find Restaurants and Joints offering various recipes of Pizzas, Burgers, Shawarma, Hotdogs, Seafood and a wide collection of Beer, Vodka, Red and White wines, among others. Palm wine, Zobo and Kunu are also local drinks you should taste before leaving.

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