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Kololi beach resort is possibly the heart of Gambian tourism, alongside the nearby Kotu Strand. Its famous Senegambia Strip is the spot where some of the finest hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and bars attract the tourists to when they visit The Gambia. Located about 18km from Banjul, Kololi was an ordinary fishing village on the Atlantic Coast in Kombo North/St. Mary district of the Western Region.

Kololi is a suburb of Serrekenda, the largest urban area in the country which also includes other coastal suburbs like Kotu, Fajara and Bakau.

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Kololi beach resort’s main attractions are the range of tourist hotels, bars, restaurants and nightclubs situated along the famous Senegambia Strip. Apart from the lovely beach, a few ‘Must See’ places well worth exploring include: Bijilo Forest Park (Monkey Park), and the Senegambia Craft Market which was first built in 1982, but has been rebuilt over the years. Kololi village, away from the beach area across the highway is worth checking out to get a feel of the local culture. Unfortunately, Dream Park which was opened in 2008 is closed at the moment, but you can visit the Village Complex (Horseshoe Shopping Complex) for a feel of a modern mall. The Palma Rima area is also worth exploring and you can easily go to the neighboring suburbs of Kotu, Fajara, and Bakau.
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Food and Drinks in Kololi

From benachin, yassa, dodoma and all the delicious local dishes to the exotic continental cuisines – Indian, Lebanese, Italian etc, you will find them here in abundance on the Senegambia Strip. After all, this is the heart of tourism in The Gambia. Restaurants, bars, casinos and nightclubs here are run by both local and foreigners, and while some are specialized; others run an eclectic menu of diverse meals. Most locals don’t drink alcohol, at least not in the open, because they are largely Muslims. But, they don’t have a problem with local Christians, or tourists drinking alcohol, which means you can get good wine and spirits at any of the restaurants, hotels, bars, etc.

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