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Ho is one of the twelve (12) districts in the Volta Region of Ghana. The city is the administrative and commercial capital as well as the largest and busiest city in the region, thronging with a population of about 61,099—the municipal as a whole supports about 275,000 people. Ho lies between latitude 6 ᵒ 207N and 6 ᵒ 55; N and longitude 0 ᵒ 127 E and 0 ᵒ 53 E and covers an area of 11.65 square kilometres.

The Municipal to which Ho is the capital shares boundaries with the Republic of Togo to the east, to the west with Ho West District, to the north with Hohoe Municipality and to the south with Agotime–Ziope.
The climate is divided between two seasons: rain and dry seasons. Generally, the city’s average monthly temperatures range between 22ᵒ C and 32ᵒ C, while annual mean temperature range from 16.5ᵒC to 37.8ᵒ C. The rainfall pattern is divided into two: the major and the minor seasons. The major season runs between March to June while the minor is between August to November. The remaining 5 months of the year are the dry season.
The annual rainfall figures are between 20.1mm and 192mm. June has the highest rainfall with a mean value of 192mm, while the lowest rainfall is in December, recording a value of 0.1mm.
Mountains and lush green forest envelop Ho.

It is predominated by Ewe people (pronounced Eh-veh), which is also the name of the main local language used in city. Agriculture is a major engagement in Ho and yams are its main product. This explains why the city’s annual yam festival, celebrated in September, is most certainly the highlight of Ho’s calendar year.

The city is in the less popular, nevertheless touristic easterly region of Ghana. There are good hotels in the area that complement the city’s character as a good getaway from the daily hustles of life.

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Ho hosts the Volta Regional Museum. This museum was established in 1973 with focus on ethnographic history. In addition, the city is surrounded by some notable natural attractions! Notable among them is the impressive Mountain Adaklu which is 12 km south of Ho, it is a hiking site for the adventurous. Amedzofe is a mountainous village close to Ho, its waterfall, forests, cool climate and plenty of hiking opportunities make it worth a visit. Kpetoe is only 15 minutes ride from Ho, if you have heard about Ghanian’s Kente, this is a key site where the Kente is weaved. 25Km from Ho is the Sanctuary of the sacred mona-monkey. They live around the forest in Tafi-Atome/

Food and Drinks in Ho

To taste some of Ghana’s nice delicacies, Ho is a nice place to visit. The society is agrarian so foods are mainly from fresh farm produce. The main dishes include ‘Akple’ with okro soup, fufu with palmnut soup, ‘Abolo’ with shrimps and ‘one-man-thousand’ fish with banku with okro stew or pepper, red-red or beans stew and fried plantain. You can also enjoy the Volta tilapia, it is a delicacy the features on many hotels’ and restaurants’ menu in the city.

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