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Hermanus is a town on the southern coast of the Western Cape province of South Africa. It is famous for whale watching and is also a popular retirement town. Originally called Hermanuspietersfontein, but later changed as the name was deemed too long for the postal service. Hermanus lies along Walker Bay on the south coast of the Western Cape and is located about 115 km southeast of Cape Town which is roughly about 1 ½ hours’ drive from the Mother City.

Hermanus is also notable for having a railway station building without a railway line because the founders of the town decided that laying the rail tracks will make Hermanus become commercial rather than maintain its “Villagey” feel. Weather wise, Hermanus is classified as having a warm-summer Mediterranean climate (Köppen), and receives 520mm of rain per annum, with the majority falling during the winter months of June to August. Even without the presence of snow, the town experiences some cold fronts due to the ice formation on the surrounding mountains with temperatures sometimes reaching a low of below 10 °C while the summer months could also see a high of above 30°C. Both the Summer and Winter months are characterised by strong South-Easterly and North-Westerly winds respectively.

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Hermanus is known for its beautiful mountainous views and scenery. A well-loved holiday town, Hermanus lays claim to various fishermen\'s cottages and harbours. A visit to Grotto Beach is a must. Comfortably the largest beach in Hermanus with a prestigious \"Blue Flag\" status; Blue flag meaning that the beach meets international Environment, Safety and Management criteria. It stretches at over 17km and is perfect for swimming, surfing and a host of other fun activities. It also boasts a generous view of the Hermanus mountains. Another must see in Hermanus is the Hoy’s Koppi, a mountain right in the centre of town just across from the town circle. Fitted with steps with sturdy banisters to ease climbing, Hoy’s Koppi is a site for adventure as well as picnicking in the parking lot right across from it. A visit to the Hermanus Golf Club is a must. Whether you’re a golf fan or just curious about the sport, the greenery of the grounds will captivate and soothe you at the same time. Take your time to explore the grounds as well as learn one or two things about the game of golf. A not to be missed sight in Hermanus is the scenic view from where the beautiful views of the town can be seen and enjoyed, also a point setup right atop the tip of the mountain provides a vantage view of the town. It’s really a sight to behold. Visit the many vineyards lined up on the wine route to experience first-hand how the sweet liquid is grown harvested, bottled and packaged. You can also taste the finished product as well as purchase a bottle or more either for yourself or as a souvenir.

Food and Drinks in Hermanus

Being a coastal town, Hermanus like most coastal towns is big on seafood. Many restaurants include this protein source in almost every menu. Although meat features aplenty in the menu line-up as well. Visit the village square for some of the best steak houses in the province offering the best grilled steak you’ll ever taste. Rice, mash potatoes and other starch based main courses are regular feature on the menus as well. For drinks regular soda, alcoholic beverages and exotic coaktails are all readily available.

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