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Did you know that Enugu, the capital of Enugu state, is the oldest urban area in the Igbo speaking region of Southeast Nigeria? Yes, Enugu (derived from the word Enu Ugwu), which means top of the hill, has been strategic to the economic development of the region due to the discovery of coal in 1909 by a team of British geologists. A beautiful city in every ramification, Enugu is approximately two and half hour drive away from Port Harcourt, and an hour’s drive from Onitsha.

The city has a good network of roads but traffic jams occur at rush hours of the day. Taxis are very expensive in the city, so budget travellers should consider using the public buses or tricycles which are a lot cheaper. Motorcycles are outlawed in the city. The average Igbo person in Enugu understands English, even though Igbo is the primary language of communication, so language will not be a barrier to tourists. Over the years, Enugu has evolved into a preferred film location for Nigerian movie makers. It also boasts of top-rated educational institutions, bottling companies and large urban markets. Interesting places to visit within the city are the shopping mall and amusement parks, supermarkets, hotels and night clubs, among others.

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Enugu has an amazing range of destinations that will certainly pique the interest of tourists. The most compelling destination is the Ngwo Cave – a naturally sculpted limestone cave bedecked by a fascinating waterfall dropping from a small opening at the roof of the cave. Another stunning site is the Ezeagu Tourist Complex, a beautiful natural destination made up of a waterfall, a three-kilometre cave, natural spring and a lake. Other places worth visiting include the Songhai Farm and the National Museum of Unity, among others.

Food and Drinks in Enugu

If you get hungry on the streets of Enugu, just order two wraps of the delicious Okpa and a bottle of soft drink and you’ll be filled to the brim. This amazing snack, also known as Igba Achi, is a popular staple in Enugu which sells for N50 and N100, depending on the size you are buying. For those who prefer something more solid and stomach-filling, the restaurants and fast-food outlets in the city are there to the rescue. Local dishes to try out include bitterleaf soup and garri; ora soup - a vegetable-based soup served with akpu.; and ogbono soup - a ‘draw’ soup made out of sliced okro pods. Soft drinks, beer and wine are abundant in the city. Palm wine is also available if you order.

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