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Djerba, an island with a few towns just off the coast of Tunisia is an exciting attraction in itself with many activities for travelers to try out.
The main town on the island is that of Houmt Souk. The crocodile parks, museums and quad biking are just a few of the thrilling adventures on this island.
Djerbahood- the village riddled with art work is a must see and will surely grab your attention.

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Djerba, a fascinating islet that seduced Ulysses to the point that he didn’t want to leave the island of the Lotus Eaters (did that jolt your mind to Homer’s Odyssey?), is back at its game. There are attractions now in Djerba than even what held Ulysses spellbound, such as the Island’s bewitching beaches. Djerba\'s most popular beach is Plage Sidi Maharès. But you should try out the Sentido Djerba Beach, it is a private facility offering fascinating view with sea and a swimming pool, a good relax-and-recharge point you should add at the top of your itinerary while visiting the city. Djerba’s collection of museums including the Guellala Museum built in 2001 and the Traditional Heritage Museum; as well as its parks—Krokodilfarm Animalia—where one is set up for an incredible sight of hundreds of crocodiles and Djerba Explore Park are also places you must see. Add to your itinerary a visit to the Blue Dolphin Dive centre, especially if you love diving. Also a visit to the Royal Carriage Club to learn how to ride anything including horses is a must. And you can perfect your visit with an exploration of some monuments such as the Bordj el Kabir fortress, El Ghriba Synagogue and Saint Joseph Cathedral. With these done, you won’t have to ask why good poets, many princes and kings have always been attracted to this magical city.

Food and Drinks in Djerba

Expect to dine on subtly spiced poultry and seafood while in Djerba. Local Djerba food include lentil, bean and couscous dishes, flavoured with fish or preserved meats simmered in olive oil, Spicy chickpea soup (leblebi), scrambled eggs with bottarga (salted, dried roe) in tomato-pepper sauce (ojja), and savoury and complex stuffed squid, enriched with an egg and some crushed calf\'s liver. The city also has a number of restaurants offering international dishes. There are plenty of wine and juice to drink and have fun while in the city.

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