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Conakry, capital of Guinea, is a popular tourist destination in West-Africa widely reputed for its strong music tradition and heritage. It is located on the island of Tumbo and connected to the Kaloum Peninsula by a 300m (984ft) long pier. This bustling port city is a mix of the good, the bad and the ugly. So on your first visit, you might be taken aback by the city’s chaotic nature, but as you immerse yourself into the city’s underbelly, Conakry opens up its adventurous side to you in a new dimension. From the popular restaurants and hangout joints to the ever bubbling nightlife, all the way to the cultural centres, museums and hiking expeditions, Conakry is one metropolitan city you can never have enough of.

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Guinea’s capital, Conakry is a coastal city with a beautiful, charm, friendly people and a host of ‘Must Sees’ and other attractions to make your visit a memorable one. Îles de Los are popular destinations for tourists. The islands have beautiful beaches and lush forests. In the city, look out for La Monument du 22 Novembre 1970, Palais Sékhoutouréya, Musée National, Cathédrale Sainte-Marie, Palais des Nations, and Port 8 Novembre. Palais du Peuple, Jardin 2 Octobre, Grande Mosquée, Oppo Atelier, Marché du Niger (Nigerian market), and Marché Medina are worth seeing, while La Cascades de La Soumba just a short drive from Conakry is an absolute ‘Must See!’

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Food and Drinks in Conakry

Benachin is common just as it is in sister countries, Senegal and the Gambia. Other local dishes are equally cheap and are worth a try. Local snacks and delicacies can be purchased on the streets and at local restaurants. French influence is dominant in most cuisine and serving style at most restaurants, while Intercontinental menus are available at the hotels and various western restaurants. Good drinks ranging from ordinary fruit juice to vintage wine can be purchased at pubs and bars. Beers and other spirits are also readily available, especially at the clubs. The nightlife starts usually after midnight and goes on until the better part of 04:00hours.

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