Casablanca overview

The city of Casablanca, a great tourist destination in the whole of north Africa and the most populated city in Morocco is a fantastic site.

The city has shifted control from Berbers, Phoenicians, Romans, Portuguese, Arabs, the Spanish and French and now has gained her independence. As such the city has a vast interlaced culture where you can see remnants of all these civilisations and their time of ruling, from ruins of old Punic forts to Turkish baths and buildings with Portuguese, French and Spanish aesthetics. Casablanca is a trip of a lifetime.

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Casablanca is defined with beautiful mosques and palaces, ancient streets with lots of interesting buildings and craft shops. A picturesque coastline and colourful markets are the city’s hallmark. The Palace of Mohammed V is an incomparable architectural monument. It was designed in accordance with the best Moroccan traditions and houses several government agencies including a French consulate, a bank, a post office and a palace of justice. Another place of interest is the Traipse Medina, defined by its complex maze of narrow streets and alleys with its museum-like clout which have tourists trooping in to admire beautiful paintings and sculptures, buy interesting souvenirs or have their portrait made by local experts. Then explore the imposing, jaw-dropping monument of the Hassan II Mosque. It is open to non-Muslim visitors on guided tours. A visit to the Notre Dame de Lourdes Church with its distinctive huge stained glass windows, the beachfront at Corniche, and Azemmour, and Sufi’s Dar el Bahar Fortress, the Pottery Souk and the National Ceramic Museum, and the Jewish Museum are all worthy of a visit if you are in Casablanca.

Food and Drinks in Casablanca

Hotels, restaurants, cafes, resorts and nightspots in Casablanca offer something for everyone in mood for great meal whatever the occasion or palate. Cafes serve grilled fish, fresh salads, fish tagines, etc. Typically, mealtime in the city features a series of hot and cold salads, tagine or Dwaz, Bread—which is eaten with every meal. A lamb or chicken dish, couscous topped with meat and vegetables; while sweet mint tea usually ends the meal. The consumption of pork and alcohol is not common because of religious restrictions.

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