Blantyre overview

Blantyre is the largest urban area in Malawi, and its conurbation with Limbe forms the commercial capital of the country. It now totals a population of about half a million, and dates its origin back to the Scottish missionaries during the time of David Livingstone. Undoubtedly, Blantyre remains the center of Malawi’s industry and commerce today.

Blantrye and Limbe formed a conurbation but still maintain their status as two distinct cores. The industries are concentrated in the Limbe, while Blantyre maintains the status as the administrative center.

Blantyre features choice restaurants, amazing bars, and compelling library among others.

Blantyre makes a cool stopover with several banks, internet cafes and tours.

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Blantyre forms a conurbation with Limbe town which lies 6km southeast of Malawi. Some ‘Must See’ here include: Mandala House (first 2-story building in the country), Old Boma (original town hall), St. Michael and All Angels Church, National Museum of Malawi, Kamuzu Stadium, Carlsberg Brewery, Chichiri Museum, and Blantyre Sports Club. Mount Mulanje is probably the greatest natural sight in the city and it is worth your time. Besides that, you might also check out the Mount Michiru Conservation Area about 8km from the city.

Food and Drinks in Blantyre

If you love street grubs, vendors on the streets of Blantyre offer a variety; from milk scones and yellow buns, boiled eggs, local biscuits, chicken and chips, etc. at good prices. Fruits and vegetables can easily be bought too. However, there are great restaurants and pubs where you can get decent meals at good prices. There are several Asian food outlets as well as Ethiopian and Italian restaurants which also have on offer good wine and spirits. Also, pubs, bars and clubs are places to down a few glasses and hangout in the evenings.

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