Bamako overview

If you are looking for a fast-paced African city buzzing with energy and brimming with diverse arts and culture, then look no further as Bamako is ever ready to blow your mind. Bamako is the capital of Mali and home to the country’s largest international airport.

The Dakar-Niger Railway, Bamako Grand Mosque, Cathedral of Bamako and the various museums, gardens and zoo that dot the cityscape are among the many attractions that make Bamako a tourist delight.

Finding your way round town is pretty easy and affordable. The local green buses, called Sotrama, are primarily used for commuting. Markets abound at almost every turn in the city and you can literally find and buy basic necessities in any of these markets.

Bamako has an amazing nightlife and many of the clubs play host to international artistes as well as the local ones who take turns to light up the night all week long.

Regardless of your budget, Bamako has the perfect hotel for you and the restaurants also do not disappoint. Be that as it may, there are still security concerns in the country, so tourists are advised to be up-to-date on embassy travel alerts, move around in groups and not keep late nights.

Mali is a predominantly Muslim country: 90% of the population are Muslim, 9% practice indigenous religions, and only 1% are Christians. So remember to be modest in your dressing and disposition so as not to offend anyone.

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Bamako is one of West Africa’s largest cities with stunning attractions from prehistoric times. The various markets in the city centre as well as the arts and crafts markets are a sight to behold. Travelers also relish memories of their visit to the Musée National, a small but beautiful museum showcasing wooden masks, carvings, marionettes, ancient textiles and figurines of men and women from many ethnic groups in Mali. Another amazing spot is the Parc national du Mali, a beautiful park in the city with lots of greens, great for picnics, leisure walks and outdoor exercise. Don’t leave Bamako without checking out the zoo, the botanical gardens and the Maison des Artisans. Indeed, no time spent in Bamako is wasted

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  • Parc National du Mali

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  • Marché de Medina


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Food and Drinks in Bamako

A local Malian specialty is the delicious La Capitaine Sangha (a kind of Nile perch served with hot chilli sauce, whole fried bananas and rice). Drinks to enjoy include the traditional Malian tea as well as tamarind and guava juices. Everyone loves it, so will you?

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  • Stade Modibo Kéïta


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  • Camping and Camel Caravan Ex...


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