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There is only one city that prides itself as Africa’s best purpose-built city. It’s none other than Nigeria’s Centre of Unity, Abuja.

Having attained Capital City status on 12th December, 1991, Abuja’s economic and tourism potentials has, over the years, grown in leaps and abounds, giving rise to fascinating attractions that dot the city landscape.These include the imposing 400-metre high Aso Rock, the captivating Millennium and Wonderland Parks, the Abuja Arts and Crafts Village, the luxury IBB Golf Club, and of course, the beautiful Gurara Falls.

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Abuja is a beautiful garden city full of life and adventure. The city is a beehive of several districts that are surrounded by many satellite towns. Despite being Nigeria’s capital city with lots of serious commercial and economic activities going on, Abuja boasts of stunning attractions such as the Gurara Falls, Millennium Park, Arts and Crafts Village, Jabi Lake and the National Children’s Park and Zoo. Touring the ‘Centre of Unity’ via taxis or buses also affords tourists the opportunity to experience views of priceless landmarks such as the Aso Rock, the Millennium Tower and the Eagle square. As the sun sets, the city’s nightlife rises. With an amazing range of restaurants, bars and clubs to choose from, Abuja indeed presents a wide array of options for party lovers, night crawlers and fun seekers of all ages.

Food and Drinks in Abuja

Abuja has an amazing range of unique cuisines to choose from. The most popular is the locally prepared Grilled Fish and Chips which now competes with the long standing Suya pastime. These delicacies are usually garnished with spices and downed with shots of palm wine, vodka, beer, juice and other favourites. Another staple to try out include the sumptuous Jollof or Fried rice delicacy adorned with huge chunks of peppered beef, fish, chicken and/or plantain. No visitor should leave Abuja without savouring the Nigerian signature staples: Eba, Amala, Pounded yam, Semovita, served with Vegetables, Nkwobi, Egusi, Oha and Ogbono, among others.

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