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Situated on the Ébrié Lagoon with several peninsulas linked by bridges, the city of Abidjan remains the commercial hub of Côte d’Ivoire, even though it is no longer the official capital. Abidjan was originally a small fishing village, but today is the second largest French-speaking city in the world. It comprises of ten boroughs, each administrated by a mayor.

Under the rule of late president, Felix Houphouët-Boigny, Abidjan flourished tremendously, earning the tag Paris of West Africa. It boasts wide streets, lush garden squares, and a couple of several architectural masterpieces in Cocody, La Plateau and Treichville areas; in addition to a host of other interesting attractions.

For the night owls, a visit to one of Africa’s sleekest party city is a must, being that Abidjan boasts one of the liveliest night scenes. From the 2000s, the nightlife has witnessed an increase upturn with the emergence of the music genre, Coupé Décalé identified as popular dance music originating from Côte d’Ivoire.

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Set on the west coast of Africa is Abidjan, a cosmopolitan city which boasts of beautiful skylines, supermarkets, malls, cinemas and spectacular buildings such as the St. Paul’s Cathedral. This edifice was built in 1985 and consecrated by the pope. The National Museum in Abidjan is also a fascinating place to be as it showcases an amazing collection of artefacts which chronicles the country’s history from Stone Age to the present. Wildlife and floral enthusiasts will definitely find Parc du Banco exciting as it is home to a vast array of hard woods, flowers, bushes and animals. The park also has facilities for picnics, restaurant and an arboretum. Other exciting sights to look out for in the beautiful city of Abidjan include La Pyramide, Marché de Treichville and Marché de Cocody.
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Food and Drinks in Abidjan

Travelers are usually fascinated at the taste of the local Kedjenou dish, a special delicacy prepared by cooking chicken with different vegetables and sealed in banana leaves. Another dish is the N’voufou (mashed bananas or yam mixed with palm oil and served with aubergine sauce). Bangui, is a local palm wine to enjoy in Abidjan. Beer, wine and spirits are also available.

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