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Abeokuta is the capital of Ogun State, southwest Nigeria. The city was established in early 19th century as a place of refuge from the ravaging slave trade of the era. Its prominent leader, Sodeke, fought many wars to wade off Ibadan, Dahomey and other cities that were waging wars to get captive for sale as slaves.
A historical city built around a rock by the Egba, the name ‘Abeokuta’ literarily means “underneath the rock.” It is symbolic as it bears tales of the city’s past. Originally, the settlers lived under the Olumo Rock. The rock has caves where they hide from invaders. The rock also provided a vantage point where the settlers monitored the movement of their enemies and strategised to defeat them. Today, the rock is a leading attraction and reference point in the city.
Abeokuta is situated at 7.15° North latitude, 3.35° East longitude and is 67 meters elevated above the sea level. It is the Ogun state administrative headquarters and largest city. It has about 593,100 inhabitants.
The city enjoys a tropical climate with two main seasons alternating all year-round: the rainy season is in charge between April and October, while the dry season takes over from October to March. Some of the city’s attractions are the Olumo Rock, the Alake’s Palace, the MKO Abiola International Stadium, June 12 cultural centre among many others

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The leading attraction in Abeokuta is the Olumo Rock. In addition to the sight of the impressively imposing layer of rocks, this site is rich in history. Legend has it that the caves in the rock provided refuge to the people from invaders when the city was established. It is located in a scenic environment and its top is a vantage position for a panoramic view of the whole city. A guided tour of the Cathedral Church of St. Peter, which is the first church in Nigeria, the Alake’s Palace and the magnificent M.K.O. Abiola International Stadium should be on any must see list in the city.

Food and Drinks in Abeokuta

The staple food in Abeokuta is Lafu (White Amala made from cassava flour) and Ewedu soup. The omnipresence snack is Wara, Nigerian Tofu often called Cottage Cheese. Wara is made from raw cow milk although improvised versions could be made using soya bean. Wara comes either fresh, boiled or fried. It can be eaten alone or with stew. For those with palate for continental dishes, there are leading hotels and restaurants serving them. If you need a local drink, ask for a glass of palm wine, it goes well with well-prepared bush meat! Other staple foods in the city are rice and stew, bean, starchy food such as yam, pounded yam, Eba and Fufu.

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