If you are curious about African traditional medicine, this is the place to be. Le Marché aux Fétiches is the biggest voodoo market in West Africa. Though not so big in size literally, it is an unforgettable place where you get to experience all sorts of voodoo displays by witch doctors on site in the open market. If you have a thing for animals, the sight of dead birds, bones, heads, feathers and fur of other animals on display might not be pleasant to you. The dead animals range from the domestic to the wild, including rats, snakes, alligators, cheetahs, elephants, rhino or gorillas. This market is not for the faint-hearted; and it is located next to a cemetery. However, with an open mind, you will enjoy the interesting artefacts and souvenirs up for sale within the market. To take pictures within the market, you will be charged some extra cash. If you don’t mind, you can do some consultation with any of the fetish doctors who can, on the spot, create fetish mixtures for various purposes such as healing, protection, good luck and love, among others.