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About us

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About us

Afro Tourism is a digital media and publishing company that specializes in providing dynamic travel and leisure information on untapped Africa and its surrounding islands. Our aim is to unveil the untapped potential of the world’s most culturally rich and diverse continent as a destination of choice for travel and tourism.

Our niche is ‘off-the-beaten-path’ attractions. Our medium is via our interactive and intuitive website, user-friendly mobile app and resourceful travel guides. Our target market is the seasoned traveler, the would-be traveler and every enthusiast interested in discovering Africa.

No matter who you are: family on vacation or lovers on honeymoon, students on excursion or executives on business retreats, adrenalin junkies in search of new thrills or the regular guy or girl looking for the perfect getaway – whatever it is, the Afrotourist Network caters to your needs.

What we do

Educate tourists on travel destinations in Africa and its surrounding islands.Provide the tourist with travel facts, stories, list of things to do and places to visit.

Suggest journey plans for exploring the African continent and the best ways to get around.

Link travelers with ‘Afrotourists’ in our travel network who are enthusiastic about sharing the best hot spots and experiences.

Promote tourism in Africa and raise awareness by encouraging both travelers resident on the continent and those outside the continent to visit our African cities.

Work with tourism boards globally to raise awareness of undiscovered places to visit in Africa. Be the ‘go to’ people on information pertaining to tourism in Africa.

Produce biennial travel guides that highlight information on African cities.

Ultimately, provide the ‘Afrotourist’ with a platform through which they can share their African travel experiences with other fellow travelers who may be interested in taking a trip to explore the African continent.

Who you are to us

…As a Traveler.Nothing is more fulfilling than a sense of satisfaction after a trip. Because you are special and important to us, we are committed to providing you with the most detailed and valuable information to help you make the best choice(s) for your travel plans.

..As a Business Member.

Afro Tourism is glad to collaborate with travel businesses via a unique membership structure. We recognize that you are a dynamic leader in your specific area(s) of business, offering quality products and services to a discerning clientele. As a member, you get the opportunity to promote your business on our website, in our travel guides, and on our mobile app, and we also represent you at the biggest and best international travel trade shows. Why not take advantage of our global audience and get increased visibility by signing up.

…As a Partner.

No man is an island’ might sound cliché, but it is a proven fact that life thrives on relationships. The quality of your connections often determines the level of your success, which is why we continue to collaborate with like-minds and continue to build strong relationships with businesses around the globe that share our vision. To date, these relationships continue to result in positive gains for our partners and us, as we continually enrich the Afrotourist.

Travel is the best education that you can get. Your journey begins with the first step. It begins with Afro Tourism. Join us. Let’s discover Africa and its surrounding islands.

Afro Tourism … a traveler’s guide to ‘untapped’ Africa!

Our Team

Olaleye Adebiyi is the Vice Chairman of Afro Tourism. He is a Tax Attorney with over 25 years’ experience.  Olaleye is an avid traveller and has visited many countries around the world particularly in Africa. Through his travels he realised that there is a keen need to unveil the untapped tourism potential in Africa despite the worrying lack of intra-Africa transportation system. Thus, Afro Tourism was born from this premise that ‘Africa more than any other continent is extremely culturally rich and diverse and this makes it the perfect destination for leisure and business tourists.’ Olaleye’s other interests include agricultural projects and charitable causes.



Miriam is the cornerstone of content planning, fiercely dedicated to resolving the critical issues of the day. She loves a good challenge, thrives on deadlines, pressure and learning new things. Her focus is on completing the first ever “Africa by cities” travel guides.
In her spare time, Miriam loves to shop, cook and travel.



Chinenye is a wordsmith, extremely creative, and with a keen eye for detail, all skills that help her scale through her functions as the Subeditor which could be summarised as the Utilisation of Content Optimization Skills to drive Effective Brand Awareness. Through providing quality and authentic content for the website, Chinenye assumes her role as the gate-keeper of and “will not publish it if it’s not worthy.” When she’s not working, she enjoys reading, writing, and clowning around with her four energetic kids




Kelechi Ordu-Obuah is the lead marketing representative at Afro Tourism. An expert in digital marketing, brand building and value creation. Kelechi is a polyglot and she uses this skill to show Africa to the world.






A consummate marketing representative focused on driving sales optimization and delivering exceptional solutions. Nkiruka is challenge driven, dedicated to her work and ready to learn new things. She is an active person who enjoys running to keep fit, a makeup artist and travel enthusiast.





Your go-to girl for all and any information as relates to the business.

Great search optimization skills, loves a good challenge and doesn’t sweat with deadlines…In her spare time, she enjoys listening to good music and getting up to date with her favourite series.





‘Niyi loves to paint with words. He is a resident doodler and part of the Content Team saddled with generating and defining content for both digital and print publications. He loves a good read…loves good music…loves to dance…and loves to discover and explore new cultures…

‘Niyi has a strong interest in movie making, having been involved with TV, doing scripts for shows and documentaries.



Sam Adeleke is a Writer, Designer, Marketing Consultant and Brand Strategist. He has a passion for creating value by telling stories through the written and spoken word as well as still and motion pictures. He has a thing for good clothes, good shoes and good food. If he’s not working, you’ll catch him reading or watching a movie.






Michael-Alvin is a cool, quiet, easy-going, get-it-done person. He is imaginative and has talent in finding facts and spinning words aptly in an inspiring and convincing way.